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    (Photo courtesy of my friend & wedding photographer, Katie Basbagil of Bohemian Red Images)

Sometimes things happen in your life that make you super thankful, like when I was a child and it was Friday night with all the TGIF greats on TV (such as Boy Meets World, Full House & Family Matters) and on top of was pizza night! Things like this have been carried through my life, I get excited and feel blessed over little things all the time- but this time, I feel extra blessed and extra thankful for so so many things and I just wanted to share a few with you:

Clients AKA - FRIENDS: I feel so lucky to have had so many people believe in me this year and trust in me to capture your weddings, family sessions, engagements, etc. I feel like I am REALLY starting to come into my own as a photographer and am able to trust my visual instincts more than ever, and it's because you all have trusted me with a big, huge responsibility!  Thank you so much for believing in my vision and in really means the world to me, I don't even think I can fully express my gratitude to show how lucky I feel to have belief in me as well as my business! Not only that, but I have made so many new friends this year through photography! Call me LUCKY!

Family & friends - I am sure you all saw, but I got engaged in June and then got married in October...Holy Hell Batman, that was fast! You don't have to tell me that, but pulling a wedding together, that ended up being the best day of my life and the most perfect day I could have ever imagined, in 3 months nonetheless, didn't come without a LOT of help! I have THE BEST friends & especially family. I have seen the true meaning of love and feel so full of love and thankfulness that sometimes I feel like I might explode!  You all were there for me through this fast whirlwind that was our wedding, and I am so lucky to have such a great support group around myself and Chris, and I know going forward we can tackle anything together! 

Husband - From the moment we decided we were going to have an October wedding, Chris, my now husband, worked tirelessly getting our house ready and helped me to make the tough decisions when I just couldn't pick between Bells or Sam Adams, and was an all around huuuugggeeee support for me! We've grown closer having our wedding so fast, we've seen what we're made of (at least the start of it!) and we've been there for each other in ways we haven't been before! Standing at the altar next to him, saying vows and hearing beautiful readings from our family and friends was absolutely the best way to begin our lives together. I will never forget that day and how magical it felt! 

Overall, I am just fullll of thanks and feel so so so lucky to have so many wonderful people in my lives! Thank you for letting me share my gratitude with you so that I don't actually explode :)  And because I am so thankful, I will be releasing my Black Friday deals keep your eyes out on my facbook page and this blog later this week or early next week! -Abby


I'm glad you didn't actually explode, but happy that you are feeling so full of all the good things! You deserve it! And all of this makes your momma very happy and thankful also! :)
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