Mother's Day - not just another Hallmark holiday!

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Today I want to talk to you all about Mothers.  Mother's Day is coming up in just a few weeks and I think it's time we all start thinking about what we can do to show them how much we really care! I have a hard time coming up with what to get for my mom, especially if I can't be there to celebrate her greatness on Mother's Day. You know, Mom's give up a lot for their children, they laugh when their children are happy, cry when they are sad, are brave when they are hurt and know how to get the stain out of just about anything. They help to mold us into the fine adults we are now and that we are still to become. And yet, when you ask them what they'd like for a holiday dedicated just to them they typically answer with "Oh, I just want my family to be healthy and happy" or when we were younger we used to get "I just want my girls to get along!" Come on, Mom! I know there must be something else that you want! A nice robe, some fuzzy slippers, a home cooked meal?! Give me something to go off of!

Because many Moms are also stubborn about what to get them, I thought I would give y'all some ideas! 

1. One year we got our mom the gift of a photo session - I can't actually think of a better gift to give her. She is ALWAYS wanting updated family pictures of us, so this was perfect in many ways! If you are interested in booking a family session (or a mommy and me session) just contact me - I offer gift cards as well if you don't know when you want to do it yet! 

2. Breakfast in bed - who wouldn't love breakfast in bed? It's a nice surprise, especially if you go really early and are extremely quiet while making the food so she really has no idea that she's about to get delicious food in her belly!

3. Wine & Canvas - This may be only an Indianapolis thing, but we have fun classes where you learn how to paint a painting from an expert and drink wine at the same time! Is there anything better?!

Indianapolis Family Photographer

4. Hiking and a Picnic - This is for those who have really active moms! Take her to a state park she's never been to before and go for a small hike! When you're done surprise her with a picnic that includes her favorite foods (seriously - I think being surprised with food is ALWAYS a good idea! ha!)

5. Spa Day - This might be the Mother of all Mother's Day gifts! You can either get your Mom a gift card for a local spa so she can go on her own, or you can plan a day to go and have a spa day together! 

6. Offer to clean her home - Some Mothers may not like this gift, but if you think your mom would, why not offer to vacuum, scrub the toilets and clean the dishes? 

7. DIY - Make her something! Before Pinterest was even a glimmer in someone's eye (I think I was in 6th grade maybe) I made my mom a santa face using an old light bulb! Man I was creative (This was obviously for Christmas, NOT Mother's Day)!! Haha, but seriously..we all have pinterest at our disposal, search for a cute craft and make her something OR you could plan to make something with your mom - mom's love crafting, too!

8. Get her something she won't buy herself but would enjoy - this could be a book that she doesn't know about, a steak dinner, a vacation (if you have that kind of money) or simply a hair appointment. Think of what she would love and do it for her! 

Indianapolis Family Photographer

I hope this gives you some good ideas as to what you can do for your mom! Let me know if you have any other good ideas in the comments section below! -Abby 


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