Confessions of a non-runner trying to run: Indianapolis Mini Marathon

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The Indianapolis Mini Marathon was over the weekend and it was my time to shine (or so I thought)! After waking up at 5 AM, showering, eating a nice healthy breakfast of oatmeal and a cliff bar it was off to the mini and we got there around 6:30 ready to go! We all got in our corrals and waited for the start. There was a beautiful 15 seconds of silence for the Boston Marathon victims, which was pretty touching. Then it was go time - I was WAY back in the corrals (seriously, when I walked into my corral, I heard a man talking to another man saying "This is the corral that they call the "lucky if you finish it" corral" - real motivating, pal - real motivating!), so it was probably about 30 minutes after the race started before I actually started.  I'm pretty sure the Kenyan's were over half way done before I even left the start line!

Indianapolis Mini Marathon

The corrals, before we started

It took me a while to get around all the walkers, but once I did I felt pretty good, until I got to about oh, I don't know say half a mile. The pain that had occurred in my knee a few weeks ago came back. I powered through for the first 2 miles before I felt like I shouldn't run on it anymore, so I walked a bit. I thought about quitting, but didn't really know where I was and also wanted to finish what I had started. So I began running again - I could only manage a small amount before stopping to walk as the pain became unbearable, I kept doing this for a few miles. 


Indianapolis Mini Marathon

Running on the track at speedway

It was going decent up until about mile 7, when the lipgloss I had put in the waistband of my pants, began to fall down (Is that just chapstick in your pants or are you happy to see me?!?) and I literally had to reach in my pants and get it out. Um...Embarrassing.  Good thing there weren't any camera men around when that happened! :) After mile 8 everything seemed to really drag on. This is probably because at this point I couldn't bring myself to run anymore and was hobbling along trying not to bend my knee. It was all so painful that it just made each mile drag on and on and on. Around mile 12 I almost lost it and was THIS close to crying, so I stopped for a minute to stretch. I can't even tell you how happy I was when the finish line was in my sights. I decided I needed to run the last little bit and really give it my all, so I did just that! I am SURE I have an awful face in my finishing pictures, probably looking like I was going to cry, but I don't care because I didn't give up - I finished that 13.1 miles and I got my medal! 

Indianapolis Mini Marathon

The amount of trash is incredible

Honestly I can see why people love doing this event - there is entertainment all along the route.  There were bands of all sort, belly dancers, cheerleaders, people standing along the sides of the route in costumes, cheering you on and encouraging you the whole way! I really did feel a sense of together-ness! There was even a girl near the track that was holding a sign that read "Way to go Complete Strangers!" and she would yell words of encouragement as we all ran by! It was awesome! There was even the people who would say "You can do it Abby, you're doing great!" While I will admit it worried me when I realized I didn't actually know this first person who yelled my name, I remembered my name was clearly printed on my bib! Ha! I really appreciated those people who came out to encourage this kind of crazy to run 13.1 miles - you really did motivate me to try harder! 

Indianapolis Mini Marathon

Chris and I after the race. He is amazing and finished in just 1 hour and 41 minutes!

Anyways, I hope my running days aren't over. I do have a Color Run at the end of May that's just a 5K - hoping my knee cooperates better than this one. I want to go back to the mini next year and try for a better time and to try and be better conditioned so I don't hurt my knee again!

Did anyone else do the mini? I want to hear your experiences too! Leave them below! -Abby



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